Lawn Care

Not only does lawn mowing keep your garden manageable and looking neat, it can also be very healthy for the grass and keep the weeds at bay. Our services can range from mowing, scarification, top dressing, reseeding, feeding and much more. So, no matter your lawn care needs, we will have something to suit your requirements and bring your garden back to life. We can come and visit you in the Kingswinford, Stourbridge, Hagley, Wall Heath, Penn and Tetttenhall and areas of the West Midlands.

Mowing & Grass Cutting

In order to keep your grass thick and free from weeds, we recommend cutting it on a regular basis from Spring through to Autumn. Getting it cut between March and October will encourage new growth and maintain the overall condition. Choose us for expert services and advice.

Lawn Feeding Programme

Kings offer an all year round lawn care and feeding programme. The recommended time to feed is Spring and Autumn, and when appropriate during the summer months. 

Grass requires three nutrients and each has its place in lawn care through the year. Nitrogen, Phosphates and Potash. Mowing is a serious drain on the soil’s reserves of these essential nutrients. We use appropriate fertilizers throughout the seasons. This promotes healthy growth of the root system to ensure weeds and moss do not get a foothold. 

Keep Your Lawn Looking Good All Year Round

We provide a wide range of services for the Autumn and Winter period, which will set your garden up for a vibrant and healthy Spring and Summer season.

Autumn & Winter Grass Services

Lawn Scarification

Autumn is time to scarify your lawn.

Why scarify?

The majority of lawns accumulate exterior debris and moss which excludes your grass from benefiting from water and nutrients getting to the roots. We use a mechanical scarifier to remove all of the thatch and debris which will promote the stimulation of side shoots and runners, and will aerate the lawn. This will promote grass growth and maintain a healthy lawn in the spring.

Top Dressing

Ideally, the Autumn is a good time to repair patches of lawn which requires a dressing of seed allowing it to germinate before the winter. If your lawn is thatch heavy this is an economical way to have a fresh new green lawn in the spring by top dressing your lawn after scarification.

Reseed / Turf

Autumn / Spring is the correct time to prepare new lawns from seed or turf. The temperatures are still warm enough for seed to germinate and settle their roots before the warmer weather arrives. The cool moist climate promotes even growth and an opportunity to grow before the main grass cutting period.

Autumn Feed

Application of grass feed to promote slow-release lawn fertiliser for health and colour. Will give a slow release of fertiliser before the new growing season.

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