Professional Power Washing

We can provide a professional power washing service. So, whether you need your patios, driveway, paths and more cleaning, we can supply this service to you. We operate in the Kingswinford area including Stourbridge and Hagley, so if you would like to freshen up the outside of your property, then call on us.

Exterior Cleaning

Have you ever noticed your decking or paths becoming slippery, especially after wet weather? This is a build-up of organic matter, which can be stubborn to remove manually. Our power washing services will meticulously lift the surface layer, not only revealing the correct colour of your paths and decking but also making them safer. We provide a thorough cleaning service to totally transform your outdoor space. If this is something that interests you, why not get in touch?

Cleaning & Resealing

Not only can we bring your decking, paving or concrete areas back from the brink, we can also reseal and re-sand them, so they look brand new again! After a good clean, we will brush sharp sand into any of the gaps on your patio, block paving, etc. We will then add a sealant. This invisible layer will act as protection against organic matter build-up and will also deter weeds, resulting in an updated look and feel to your home or outside space! Contact us for more information.

Additional Garden Maintenance Services

We specialise in all aspects of gardening and maintenance. Our additional services are here to add the finishing touches to a garden renovation or complete small, odd jobs. So, whether you need your shed painting, ivy removed from the sides of your house or even your gutters cleaning, we are the people for the job! We operate in Kingswinford and the surrounding area, so if your garden needs a little bit of extra maintenance, do not hesitate to contact us.

We Can Help With Weed Spraying & Membranes

When you have a nice and tidy garden, the last thing that you need are weeds ruining your hard work and effort. Not only can we manage your weeds for you, but we can also put preventative measures in place, to ensure that the weeds are kept back for longer periods of time. 

Our weed membranes are the ideal solution for keeping your outdoor spaces neat and tidy. 

We can apply different membrane types, (depending on how invasive the weeds are) underneath gravel borders, paths and paving, which will prolong the life of these areas. We can also provide an effective weed spraying service, which will keep your weeds at bay. This may need to be topped up every 6 weeks, to ensure that the weeds do not make a comeback.

Bespoke Hanging Baskets

We specialise in creating unique and customised hanging baskets that are tailored to fit your specific needs and preferences. With a wide selection of plants, flowers, and designs, we can help bring life and colour to any space, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Call Kings Garden Services Today

If our additional services are something that interests you, give us a call, we will be happy to help.

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